Tuesday, 9 June 2020

The Rise of New Independent Musicians in India!

Well, Listening to Music is a part and parcel of common man’s day to day life but giving life to that Music is the Musician’s walk of life. Music is an art of thinking with sound, not all the people who play musical instruments can be a musician. There must be craving passion and peculiar style in rhythm should emanate from him to stand out from the crowd.


The Rise of New Independent Musicians in India

Earlier, Budding Artists and musicians in the music industry used to practice the art forms under the guidance of veterans in that field who have a noteworthy reputation for their art and after the completion of the training, they ventured into the career with the help of influence and great nexus of their gurus. so there used to have a dependency system on the gurus to bag offers for performing arts in front of the audience and not only that they used to struggle a lot to publish their piece of an art form to a wide range of audience. Simply, there used to be a communication gap between the specific audience to their particular musician.

But now with the advent of the digital revolution especially social media platforms, the Music industry transformed a lot and not only trained musicians but also the common man who has the innate talent in performing arts can find a remarkable career with only one accomplished performance. so the digital world made it easier for musicians in order to deliver music from source to the intended destination where they can set their rate according to the fan base.

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Now, newbies are less apprehensive about the offers as they can have a plethora of opportunities to flaunt their performance offline as well as online where they can form a band and went on to perform different places like malls, clubs, pubs and can bag offers as music tutors background singers, voice-over artist. you can also prefer to work as a freelancer.

But you really have to work your way through if you've got to get there. You have to keep promoting yourself. Make a fan base that helps you to grow big. You need to build-up some good rapport with your friends and fans who are there for you irrespective of your situation.

For obvious financial reasons, continuing to pursue your passion will not lead to a very comfortable life as some artists are made to work for free. It is humiliating for an artist to do so, but if asked for a greater sum of money, event organizers/ music producers resort to other artists who are in fact willing to do it for free. It's like stabbing your own team member in the back.

It's just on your talent how you can make yourself different from others. So everything depends on the way we perceive things.

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