Friday, 12 June 2020

“8ish” Novel Will Be Available On Amazon by June 30

8ish Novel by Luing Andrews coming soon to Amazon by June 30 . This gritty gangster crime Novel Sean O’Shea and his family connections to the IRA! The novel "8ish" written by English actor and director Luing Andrews will be available on Amazon later this month. It's really an adult crime drama, but there are some very clever light moments. Luing who shares screen space with Hollywood superstar Tom Hardy in the movie 'Bronson'. Moreover, He is well known face for his English films like The Heavy (2010), The Oxford Murders (2010), The Heat (2013), Red 2 (2013), 8ish (2019), etc.

“8ish” Novel Will Be Available On Amazon by June 30: Written by English actor and Director Luing Andrews

A story about Sean O'Shea and his family ties to the IRA and the London gangland. His family-run nightclub Sean takes over to ease the burden of his aging, Uncle Bill. In addition to gang fights, rivalry and deception, this story also tells about Sean's more personal life, which includes divorce, death, terrible family secrets, family truth and fall in love again. Finally, Sean decides that he wants to lead a normal life with his new love, but certain things are set in stone and cannot be reversed and this time, he cannot get out of it, that's what we think. This story shows that Sean is not someone to play with and some family members realize it the hard way.

In the same background, he directed a short film titled "Too L8ish". He is also planning to make it a feature film after the sale of this novel. He is all set to make his debut in the Indian cinema with Nirmal Baby Varghese's "Thariode: The Lost City".