Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Partial Relaxation for Green Zones After April 20 Says PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi has announced that the nationwide lockdown will be extended till 3rd May, 2020. The lockdown is likely to be partially relaxed in the Green Zones in India from April 20. However, the lockdown would be strictly enforced again if there were violations of the rules. Also, the PM said that there was a need to take concrete action without expanding to new areas. Moreover, Prime Minister Modi has made a clear decision that Life of the people is more important than the economy.

Narendra Modi said that all the people are functioning like a soldier and this is what we mean in the constitution, We the People of India. Modi, who has been paying tribute to the masses of the people of India on the occasion of Constitutional Producer Ambedkar Jayanti, said it was inspiring to observe the festivities while complying with the rules of lockdown.

Modi said that some states are now celebrating the New Year and congratulations and best wishes to the people of the respective states. He said that the corona outbreak in India was under control compared to other countries and that the contribution of the people of the country and the determination to win the pestilence was admirable. He also said the victory on the pestilence was possible only with the participation of the people.