Thursday, 23 April 2020

Hackers Sold Facebook User Profiles Data for Rs.41,000

Internet user data theft continues to grow day by day. Just days after revealing the sale of 500,000 zoom accounts for sale on the Dark Web, the Cyble research team came back with another disturbing story about the vast amount of information exchanged in the underground data markets .


Cyber criminals have stolen the latest 26.7 billion Facebook users' data. Through these users, they receive emails, addresses, names, IDS, DOB and phone numbers. Another interesting thing is that the cyber risk assessment platform has sold this information for Rs 41,500. However, it said the passwords of these 26 million users were not disclosed.

Hackers Sold Facebook User Profiles Data for Just Rs.41,000

Fortunately, no password is available, but the stolen data includes email addresses, names, Facebook IDs, dates of birth, and phone numbers. These are the perfect data set to create a phishing campaign by SMS or email on behalf of Facebook. And when a small percentage of users click on a link and enter their details on a spoofed Facebook login page, a lot of valuable data is stolen.

"We do not know how the data of Facebook users is disclosed," said Cyber Officials. We are currently studying this problem. In recent years, they have been informed of a number of measures to further secure costumers information. Cyber experts also advise users to keep their information more confidential regarding Facebook profiles. They say the settings should be tightened and warned against emails and text messages.

What Facebook Data is Leaked?

According to the reports, the data includes the personal contact information like Name, DOB, Email Id, Phone number, etc. This data is enough for many phishing teams to send links that contain malicious code that can track user activities on Internet. However, this can be possible only If you click on such links. So, the Cyber experts are warning users to stay safe against such links and spam messages.

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