Sunday, 13 December 2020

French Study: Cigarettes can keep Coronavirus Away?

The world is facing lockodown due to the coronavirus epidemic. The World Health Organization has already revealed that it is the only way to prevent the pandemic. On the other hand, scientists are working day and night to find an antidote to the virus. Meanwhile, French researchers say Corona can check by cigarette.


The scientists have started experimenting with nicotine in cigarettes. The French government has banned the sale of nicotine substitutes. It is specified that the Rule will remain in force until the 11th of next month. It also indicates that the rule also applies to online sales.

French Study: Cigarettes can keep Coronavirus Away? Nicotine may protect against Covid-19

French Health Minister Olivier VĂ©ran told parliament on Wednesday that the number of nicotine users in the country's population is low. We are not saying that tobacco protects against corona viruses. More than 70,000 people die from smoking-related illnesses every year in France. He referred to a study by researchers from the Pitie-Salpetriere hospital in Paris. Nicotine has also been shown to prevent the virus from entering cells.

The researchers based their results at Pitie-Salpetriere, a leading hospital in Paris, where they examined 343 patients with coronavirus as well as 139 people infected with the disease with milder symptoms. This theory suggests that nicotine may adhere to cell receptors, preventing the virus from entering cells and spreading throughout the body.

Corona can check with a Cigarette?

Researchers plan to use nicotine patches on health workers at the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, where preliminary investigations have been conducted to determine if the virus protects them from infection.

French scientists are researching whether the nicotine patches in cigarettes can help prevent coronavirus infection. A full report on this will be published soon. However, Researchers have also warned that if smokers are infected with a coronavirus, they are more likely to have serious problems.