Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Badshah, Jacqueline Fernandez starring Genda Phool, a mashup of plagiarism!

 It is very common that hit albums from the old films can be remade by adding fresh tunes to the lyrics to grab the attention of the Melophiles. In this endeavour, the majority of the musicians do succeed we can say as Luca Chuppi, Kartik Aryan’s film has made the best example for that where the musical team copied each and every song from different sources and clubbed it into one album.

It is proved once again with Bollywood famous Rapper and Singer, Badshah’s latest hit “Genda Phool” which has gone viral and crossed 100 million views within a week. It is interesting to know that, with the popularity of the song, there are some hidden elements evolving out day by day.

Yes, “Genda Phool” team facing accusations of stealingBoro Loker Beti Lo” from “Bengali folk lyrics” which was originally written by Bengali folk singer “Ratan Kahar”.  The sad thing to note is that “Genda Phool" team has been reluctant to offer credits to the original writer until they get trolled over the social media for their unethical practice.

After the complete verification, the team credited the song lyrics as Bengali Folk and paid Rs. 5lakhs to the original lyricist RATAN KAHAR where he feels elated for getting recognition as well as collaboration with the team!

Now, a fresh allegation that holds a hundred per cent veracity that they copied all the tunes of the song from three different languages which are

  1. Rowdy Baby @ Maari2 {Tamil},

  2. Chumma@Guri {Hindi} and

  3. Boro loker beti lo”@Raja Rani Rani{Bengali}

For further proof, visit the below link to get the vivid idea about mashup tunes of Genda Phool

With this act, Srilankan pageant Jacqueline Fernandez starring “Genda Phool” received severe retribution from the audience besides the popularity of the song.

Concluding this writeup by hoping that this type of plagiarism would not get repeated for further films.

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